About us

Keeping in view changes in curriculum life to grow towards the self awareness, confidence and meet the challenges of life, education is only tool by which the character is form.

Character development is a essential part of the education. Our school is steadily moving towards excellence in academics, sports & cultural activities. With the C.C.E. methodology, we are trying to do our best in order to make our students capable of giving surprise tests with continuous evaluation. It doesn't only enhance the knowledge of student but it also create interest among the students to learn education with their interests.

Language plays a dynamic role John Stuart Mill said, "language is the light of the mind." All the efforts are to make the children the skill of learning their own.

New Friends School's inception is that it has been very consistently imparting primary education and well-rounded personality development to our students.

The School has well-qualified, experienced and innovative teachers. Our faculties continuously update themselves with the content and processes of learning. 

We are committed to ensurethat a caring school atmosphere is evident in how we work with students, parents and one another. We maintain the practice of an open, transparent and collaborative decision-making process.